Porta Potty Rental from Laredo Dumpsters

For your next construction job, you'll need the following items:

  • Contractor
  • Work Crew
  • Permits
  • Construction Materials
  • Designs

Anything missing? Yes! The porta potty rental. As you pull together all the other things you'll need for your project, this is an often overlooked item. However, it can turn out the be the most important piece of equipment you'll have on the job site. That's because with a porta potty in place, your work crew won't be straying away from the job. One quick bathroom break and they're back at work. That is going to help your project finish on time.

No Work For You When You Rent Porta Potties in Laredo

The porta potties available from Laredo Dumpsters are self-contained units that don't require any maintenance or upkeep on your part. They will be delivered by our service techs as fully stocked and sanitized units. We'll place the porta potties on any flat surface within 25 feet of the street. We'll need that access for the service calls. Once a week, our service techs will come out to your job site to clean out the unit and restock it with tissue and air freshener. It will be just like it was when it was first delivered. A single unit will be all you need for a work crew of 5 to 15 members.

Special Event Portable Toilet Rentals From Laredo Dumpsters

The porta potties we offer for rent aren't just for construction jobs. These are the perfect bathroom facility for any special event you might be coordinating. Once again, it is a detail that is often overlooked until the last minute. We've gotten plenty of emergency calls requesting a porta potty for a same day delivery. In many cases, we've been happy to oblige. Ideally, we need 24 hours to schedule a drop off.

For special events, we recommend one unit per every 50 guests. This will help cut back on the wait time and keep your guests comfortable. If you're hosting an event at your home, you shouldn't feel guilty about setting up a porta potty for your guests. The alternative would be to allow the 50 plus folks come into your home to use the bathroom. Could your pipes take that kind of strain? Suppose there is an overflow? That is not something you want happening on your special day. It won't happen with a porta potty rental.

The porta potties we rent for special events will delivered thoroughly sanitized and fully stocked. We separate the units that we rent to construction sites from the party units. The result is that your party porta potty will look as close to brand new as possible!

The VIP Treatment

If you're concerned about the look of the unit for a more upscale type of party, then we might suggest the VIP trailer. These are stand-alone units that work wonderfully for wedding receptions. The fully functional bathrooms are mounted on a trailer. They are designed with vanity counters, mirrors, flushing toilets and sinks. You can also spruce them up with personal touches like candles and flowers. With our standard units, you can decorate with strings of lights or even bamboo wrapping. Be creative! Your guests will love it!

You can rent a porta potty from Laredo Dumpsters for a single day event or an extended work contract. Either way you'll be guaranteed prompt delivery and service. We also provide porta potties that are wheelchair accessible and carry diaper-changing stations. When your guests see a clean porta potty from Laredo Dumpsters, they'll know they are being taken care of.

Call our service representatives today to discuss your porta potty needs.

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